For the Foodies.


Kebabs glazed with Lavender vinegar



½ lb beef or ostrich steak
18 x 8-inch fresh rosemary sprigs
1 punnet portobello mushrooms
2 onions
salt, paprika and pepper
oil for frying, preferably olive oil
1 cup rozendal lavender vinegar


pour the lavender vinegar into a small saucepan and place on a very low heat to reduce gently for about an hour or until thick and syrupy. do not let mixture boil as this will spoil the flavor.

cut the onions into wedges. place these on a baking tray with the mushrooms, season and grill in the oven until tender.

cut the meat into one-inch cubes, pierce a hole through each cube and season with salt, pepper and paprika. heat some oil in a thick-based pan and fry the meat to suit your taste. 

skewer the meat, onions and mushrooms on the rosemary sprigs.

baste with the still-warm rozendal lavender vinegar reduction and devour!